Tuesday, October 13, 8pm

Whoa! Hey there! Yeah, it’s us again, sooner than expected! We took a break from our regular rhythm due to last month’s wwwtfest, and now we’re back in our regular groove: every second Tuesday of the month. We hope you’ve taken the last few weeks to recuperate from said fest and all the conferences and parties implied by it, and are up to join us for our 61st meetup!
You can spread the word and RSVP on meetup.com.

  • Florian Stolzenhain: Scaling Responsive Spritemaps

    Spritemaps are an ancient art of managing frontend performance and design workflow. They hold up pretty well in the light of recent concepts like icon fonts, SVG’s <use> and data64-enconding, considering they are easy to adapt in a fully responsive enviroment and high-def displays. The talk discusses 2 responsive strategies with demos, pros and cons and offers some feedback on questions.

    Florian is graphic designer turned frontend nerd and Drupal sitebuilder. He is a co-founder of FUK.

  • Mims H. Wright: The sad, strange tale of the boy with only one finger OR an introduction to how binary is used to make websites

    Most people know that computers are "just a bunch of ones and zeroes," but few understand what that really means. How do ones and zeros become numbers, words, and pictures? This talk starts at the beginning, explaining binary numbers and shows how they are used to describe basic datatypes. We begin to uncover what the statement "just a bunch of ones and zeroes" really means.

    Mims is a freelance sr. software developer from Los Angeles working with front-end, iOS, and Unity3D. Also an author, international race car driver, beer brewer, and dad. He’s living in Kreuzberg from September to December.

  • Molly Wilson: Dude, Not Cool: Gender and Default Iconography

    How come, all over the Internet, the "default" user icon is a man? Compared to many of the gender/tech problems out there, this is an easy (and fun) one to fix! Let’s examine how it came to be, and look into some dos and don’ts about representing gender visually.

    Molly Wilson is a user experience designer from San Francisco, CA currently living in Berlin. She has worked on digital products in finance, health, and education. She seems friendly, but if she hears you say that good UX is “nothing but common sense” she will really lose her cool.

  • Surprise Talk


Up.front is a free event, and you do not have to register anywhere. However it gets packed sometimes. Doors open at 8pm, talks start ca. 15min later. Arrive on time to make sure you get a seat! After the talks there’s time for conversations with tasty drinks or snacks at Kremanski, a cosy coffeeshop and bistro just around the corner from our venue.
We always need volunteers who help us to prepare the venue (and build it back after the meetups). This takes ca. 15 minutes and is fun – arrive at 7pm if you want to help us <3

Accessibility: If you would like to use the elevator, please tweet @upfront_ug when you arrive.

You are required to follow our code of conduct.

Tuesday, September 22, 8pm

Our September event will be up.front’s 60th meetup – reason to celebrate! Plus, it’s WhatTheFest, Berlin’s week of awesome community tech events, and we expect an extra amazing crowd of community members from around the world to join us for up.front. You can spread the word and RSVP on our meetup page.

  • Ola Gasidlo: Worker as a Service

    Service worker is the new cool kid in town. But what does it do? Why do we need it? What is a worker actually? Enjoy this introduction and make the web work for you!

    Ola does JavaScript at @Hoodiehq and is a daughter driven development advocate.

  • Lewis Cowper: Modularise All the Things! (Now Including CSS)

    Recently, there's been a lot of talk about modularising UIs into components. Lewis will explore some strategies that allow you to do this, and introduce the css-modules project and how you can get started with it in your own projects. This talk will get you interested in modular UIs, and introduce you to some tools and methods that you can use to build your web applications in a loosely coupled way.

    Lewis is a Junior Front End Dev at HitFox group. He loves offline capable web apps, analysing processes, and modular design.

  • Jonathon Bellew: Making Friends and Beautiful Things With Your Browser

    An overview of the wonderful tools the browser gives developers and designers right now to collaborate on creative projects. This talk focuses on concepts and opportunities rather than complex coding, and is appropriate for designers, developers, and anyone wanting to know how to collaborate across these two disciplines. It will feature real world examples from my recent work history, and is based on a talk I gave at decompress.com.au 2015.

    Jonathon is a computer programmer and designer from Melbourne, living in Berlin. He builds and deploys websites and web-based applications, and has a particular interest in creating tools that help designers and programmers collaborate.

Tuesday, July 14, 8pm

Up.front 59 is coming up – join us on July 14th for the last meetup before the summer break! We’ll keep it short and sweet with only two talks, so there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy the weather with some drinks and discussions afterwards. But be prepared for some serious thought food brought to you by Lukas Rieder who will introduce you to visualisations and D3, and Gilberto Urutea who's going to explore complex systems.

  • Gilberto Urueta:Dealing with Complexity

    We all have experienced these: Long hours of planning and forecasting that don’t lead to results, clients changing their mind from one day to another, decisions taken that seemed illogical. How can we explain all of that? In Gilberto’s talk we will learn about complex systems in order to understand the reason behind these situations. The talk will explore why learning more about complex system can be useful in your every day work.

    Gilberto is a Berlin-based Scrum Master and Developer. He is passionate about Agile, Lean, Scrum and most of all complexity.

  • Lukas Rieder: Object Constancy In Visualisations

    Visualisations are the backbone of data driven story telling. In between the many ways to represent data nowadays, lies one fundamental principle of our perception to make visualisations comprehensible. The talk aims to dive into the idea behind object constancy and shows how D3.js can help you achieve this goal. Even if you are new to D3, this talk will have you covered.

    Lukas is passionate about programming, he usually writes applications for server backends in Ruby, and occasionally resorts to Javascript.

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