Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #63 Tue, Dec 08 2015

Our last meetup of the year is coming up. Join us for an evening of talks and discussions about accessibility & JavaScript, board games & code, designers & the startup world, and… maybe even cookies & mulled wine!

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    Chris Ward Coding a Board Game

    Chris is working on a board game – yes, a physical board game. Coming from a programming background it seemed obvious to him to code the content and production of the game. Content needs to be available as a normal web page, as print-on-demand and as a premium print version. This led Chris down a path of markdown processing, print styles, pandoc, latex templating and attempting to tie it all together cohesively. In this presentation Chris will show some practical tools, workflows and advice for those wishing to create sites that can output content in multiple formats as well as even (shock, horror!) showing an audience at a front end event Latex templates, how they work and when/why you might want to use them.

    Chris is a developer advocate for @crateio Open Advocate, and works on software, organisations, books and games. Mobile Editor at SitePoint. Loves to talk when given the chance.

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    Emanuela Damiani Being a Designer in the Start-Up World

    Being a designer in a technology start-up can be stressful. When a new venture starts with a brilliant idea, it’s up to you to guide them through a design process that turns a plan into a much loved product. You need to communicate with stakeholders, collaborate with developers, and solve problems, usually many times a day, just to turn that brilliant idea into something useful people actually need. This talk will share some practical ideas and processes battle-tested with clients to make the design process as stress-free as possible.

    Emanuela is a designer aiming to create great user experiences for digital products. Following the eight and a half years she spent working on renowned web projects at MCED, her own web firm in Rome, she took her learnings and joined Berlin’s vivid startup scene. In 2011 she was awarded a full-scholarship to study a Bachelor in Visual Communication from IED — European Institute of Design, where she graduated in 2014. As an ambassador to the user she works closely with product managers and engineers to create both usable and valuable products.

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    Melanie Thewlis Better Accessibility with JavaScript

    Making the web accessible to people with all abilities is a key social justice issue of our era. Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of commonly adopted best practices. For developers, it can feel like a daunting challenge to sort through all the relevant technical documentation and work out how to apply it. This talk presents practical and easy-to-apply code samples that can significantly improve the web experience for people with a range of disabilities.

    Melanie is a co-founder and lead web developer at Little Web Giants, and is experienced in building all sorts of web projects, from e-commerce to CRM integrations to data visualisations. She is an active member of the Berlin tech community, speaker, front end web development teacher, and holds degrees in Creative Computing in Political Science from the University of Melbourne. Melanie has had a lifelong involvement with volunteer and activist work on issues of social justice and the environment.

Up.front is a free event, and you do not have to register anywhere. However it gets packed sometimes. Doors open at 7:30pm, talks start at 8:00pm. Arrive on time to make sure you get a seat! After the talks there’s time for conversations with tasty drinks or snacks at Kremanski, a cosy coffeeshop and bistro just around the corner from our venue.
We always need volunteers who help us to prepare the venue (and build it back after the meetups). This takes ca. 15 minutes and is fun – arrive at 7pm if you want to help us.

Accessibility: If you would like to use the elevator, please tweet @upfront_ug when you arrive.

You are required to follow our code of conduct.

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Up.front takes place 10 times a year, usually on the second Tuesday of the month. The next Up.front meetups are scheduled for:

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