Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #04 Tue, May 11

Lightning talk by Nico Hagenburger.

  • Picture of Wolfram Kriesing

    Wolfram Kriesing App vs. Widget, The mobile web taking over?

    Wolfram Kriesing picks up the current hype around apps and HTML5. Is the app store only a temporary thing? Most apps can be built using web technologies. More and more APIs are coming to the browser. Will a native app still be around in the future, do we need them or just the company that gets the 30% share off of every app? He will show you what web technologies can do where you maybe thought only an app could go, and will also show an outlook of where we are heading.

    Wolfram Kriesing is a co-founder of uxebu.

  • Picture of Alex Feyerke

    Alex Feyerke On the future of Flash

    In the light of the current discussion about Flash vs. HTML5 and Canvas, Alex Feyerke is searching for Flash’s place in the web, exploring where it went wrong, where it got better, and where it’s surprisingly awesome. Followed, hopefully, by a fruitful debate on Flash’s relevance and future (one that goes beyond “Steve Jobs said it’s terrible and has to die”).

    Alex Feyerke is a Freelance Flash developer.