Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #19 Tue, Sep 13

The up.front summer break is over! On our September meetup we will have Gernot Poetsch, Max Fellmuth and Tim Lucas. Lightning talk by Georgi Kobilarov.
You found a cool new tool, technology or case that fits into the web design or frontend category? Share it with us. You are always welcome to take a slot for a lightning talk. The location remains unchanged and is hosted by the co.up co-working space providing chairs and drinks for cheap.

  • Picture of Gernot Poetsch

    Gernot Poetsch Designing for Magical Devices

    Gernot will talk about how we approach developing iOS and Mac applications and about our experience founding a company around it. There will be some practical design tips, too.

    Gernot is Developer and CEO at nxtbgthng GmbH, developing Mac and iOS Applications for clients such as SoundCloud.

  • Picture of Max Fellmuth

    Max Fellmuth Branding in App Design

    Every company thinks about how to present their app. But is it more important to present the company’s style or to make an app that looks good on its platform? Is it more important to have a light blue status bar or to have one that doesn’t break your own guidelines. That’s what Max Fellmuth wants to discuss with you. Max spends his whole day doing UI design (and school) and will give some insights to good and also bad branding in apps.

    Max Fellmuth is a 15 year old User Interface designer from Berlin. Currently he’s working on Pistachio, a service to get more social in real life.

  • Picture of Tim Lucas

    Tim Lucas CSS3 with Railscamp Tee v7

    The world’s most over-the-top tshirt order form, featuring: HTML5 audio, animation, webfonts, and -webkit trickery.

    Designer / coder / pedaller / climber. Recently relocated from Sydney to Berlin.