Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #20 Tue, Oct 11

On Tue, October 11, we will feature Caitlin Winner, Marco Hamersma and Malte Müller. Additionally we will hear lightning talks by Benjamin Kampmann and Patrick Hüsler.
You found a cool new tool, technology or case that fits into the web design or frontend category? Share it with us. You are always welcome to take a slot for a lightning talk. The location remains unchanged and is hosted by the co.up co-working space providing chairs and drinks for cheap.

  • Picture of Caitlin Winner

    Caitlin Winner Painting and the Art of App Design

    … including the Horror of a Blank Canvas; Pierro della Francesca Applies for the App Store; The Golden Ratio and the Amen Rainbow.

    Caitlin Winner is the co-founder of Amen, a platform for expressing the extra ordinary. She graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics and Studio Art and has worked at the MIT Media Lab, Plum and Nokia.

  • Picture of Marco Hamersma

    Marco Hamersma

    Although we spend lots of time and money on designing our interfaces, we don’t always pay the same kind of attention to sounds. Marco’s talk is about finding out when to use sound and what sounds are good to use in your interface.

    Marco is a developer and UX designer currently working as an intern at SoundCloud.

  • Picture of Malte Müller

    Malte Müller Changing tires on a moving truck: Agile interface design

    Agile development has long become the standard way of creating web applications. Still, many teams struggle to integrate interface design and other visual disciplines into their workflow. For the past five months, we have been one of them. As we developed a web application from ground up, we had to figure out how to keep developers and designers in sync – without slowing down the project. In this talk we’d like to share our learnings on how to set up and run a successful team with a maximum of agility – under real-world conditions. Hop the truck and keep your wrenches ready.

    Malte is an experienced web designer and co-anchorfounder of We Are Fellows, a Hamburg-based creative studio specializing in brand direction and digital design.