Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #21 Tue, Nov 08

On Tue, November 8, we featured Ivo Gabrowitsch, Nadine Roßa and Javier Diaz, plus a lightning talk on Usability Testing by Jan-C. Borchardt.

  • Picture of Ivo Gabrowitsch

    Ivo Gabrowitsch App Fonts – The New Web Fonts

    Though we’ve barely even had time to get used to Webfonts, the next big challenge is already looming on the horizon for font users and manufacturers: fonts for apps and mobile devices. As with Webfonts, which have already become practically indispensable, there are a myriad of special considerations involved, including technical matters and, more importantly, legal issues. This presentation aims to sensitize both developers and graphic designers to this dicey topic and to introduce possibilities for secure embedding of mobile fonts.

    Ivo Gabrowitsch is the Marketing Director of the FontFont typeface library. He was responsible for the development and introduction of the unique ‘Web FontFonts’ concept onto the market. The gratuated engineer in print and media technology studied at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and used to work as a media designer.

  • Picture of Nadine Roßa

    Nadine Roßa How to Launch a Business Website

    When starting a consulting/agency business, there are a few things to do: Find a beautiful office, hire kick-ass developers and brilliant designers, and … get your own web site online.

    Nadine Roßa is a designer, illustrator and a co-founder of LAUNCH/CO together with Jan Schulz-Hofen.

  • Picture of Javier Diaz

    Javier Diaz So … What Did We Learn? A Retrospective on Design

    As mid-life crisis hit Javi hard on the head and fellow designers & friends kept on asking him the same questions about improving their technique or getting better at designing, He started wondering: “What did I learn those years that could be helpful for others? What kind of advice would I give myself as a designer if I was travelling 10 years back in time?”

    Now relocated to Berlin and looking to take the next step in his career, Javier Diaz was working in Spain as UI / UX designer for Tuenti and was the main designer for the Unhosted project in the first stages.