Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #26 Tue, May 08

Up.front 26 is here! On May 8, we’ll have Tifanny Conroy, Tadas Ščerbinskas and Jakob Fricke for you. As always, up.front takes place at co.up co-working in Kreuzberg, Adalbertstraße 7-8. Co.up offers a variety of cheap drinks and the biggest beanbags we’ve ever seen.

  • Picture of Tiffany Conroy

    Tiffany Conroy Design Processes, Not Interfaces

    Computers are tools that help people accomplish tasks by making the process easier, faster, cheaper, less error-prone, or just more fun. But what tasks? And by what process? What parts of the process can the computer make better? How can users interact with the computer to make it do its part of the process? Only lastly can we ask: what must be presented to the user and how?

    Tiffany is a Canadian living in Berlin doing front-end development and interaction design at SoundCloud.

  • Picture of Tadas Ščerbinskas and Jakob Fricke

    Tadas Ščerbinskas and Jakob Fricke Picpack

    Tadas and Jakob will give some insights into the development process of their product, which will be launched to the public next week.

    Picpack is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagrams into high quality magnets.