Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #27 Tue, Jun 12

In June we have talks by Martin Spindler, Horia Dragomir and Alex Feyerke. As always, up.front takes place at co.up co-working in Kreuzberg. NEW: For the first time we’ll use co.up’s brand new rooms in the third floor. This means more space for you and less stairs to walk.

  • Picture of Martin Spindler

    Martin Spindler Designing for the “Internet of Things”

    Computers are getting ever cheaper, smaller and more energy efficient. This leads to an ever-increasing amount of digital hybrids — everyday objects equipped with digital capabilities. But this emerging new class of “computers”, often dubbed the Internet of Things, demands new interfaces that accommodate those new capabilities. What does it mean to design for the Internet of Things, then?

    Martin is a Berlin-based freelance consultant focusing on the Internet of Things and Smart Energy.

  • Picture of Horia Dragomir

    Horia Dragomir Show Some Frontend Love

    Building amazing things for the web is becoming a lot easier than it used to be. This talk will cover some cool tools, old and new, that help Horia do what he loves without stressing out that much.

    Horia Dragomir is a UI Developer, hungry & foolish; currently working for wooga in Berlin.

  • Picture of Alex Feyerke

    Alex Feyerke Page numbering on the internet and why it’s weird

    A very short talk about how we count, sort, remember and forget things on the internet.

    Alex is a freelance frontend developer and one of the organisers of up.front.