Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #29 Tue, Aug 14

Hi Frondendeers (that’s like a buccaneer or a rocketeer, but with markup)! Join us on Tue, August 14, for up.front meetup number 29, with talks on design, some hopefully spirited discussion, enjoyable socializing and tasty drinks afterward.

  • Picture of Jonas Knipper

    Jonas Knipper An outsider’s investigation of the Foursquare redesign

    How did the Foursquare redesign end up where it is? A curious user looks at the effects of a changing market on a popular product and the reaction of users and media. Includes a discussion of new user requirements and how Foursquare tries to answer them, as well as inspiration taken from other apps and services shaping the UI landscape in 2012.

    Jonas Knipper is a web head and business graduate. He works in the film industry in Berlin and as monthly editor for Friday at Six

  • Picture of Christoph Rauscher

    Christoph Rauscher Self / Digital Self

    Is our digital identity different from our analog one? The digital lifestyle is somehow changing our view on ourselves, and we have to cope with these transformations. Is that me inside this machine, or is it just a distorted portrayal? How do I reflect myself when there are different versions of me online? For his bachelor thesis, Christoph wants to explore how philosophy and self-reflection are connected to interaction design.

    Christoph Rauscher is a designer and illustrator who enjoys creative itching, cyborgism and terrestrial mammals.

  • Picture of Sebastian Sadowski

    Sebastian Sadowski Vision of Coding

    codev is a new web app that enables you to code wherever you are – at the office in Berlin, central park in NY or internet café in India. Sebastian will talk about the start-up phase and insights of some interface design decisions.

    Sebastian is an interaction designer and co-founder of codev.