Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #31 Tue, Dec 11

Up.front’s holiday edition will bring you talks about CSS Testing and Styleguide Driven Development. We are looking forward to ring in the holiday break with Glühwein, cookies and you! See you on December 11, 7:30 pm at co.up.

  • Picture of Simon Madine

    Simon Madine Make the build go #F00 — Automated CSS testing

    Even in the biggest web apps built on continuous integration servers with automated deploys, CSS is often still being manually tested. Something can easily be missed or regressions can slip in and not be spotted until production.
    As CSS is a declarative language, traditional automated testing techniques either don’t apply or aren’t sensible. This talk aims to give an overview of the techniques available for automated testing such as page render image diffs, reference-browser equality, frozen DOM structure comparisons. It will also cover some of the tools you can use to integrate automated CSS testing into your build pipeline.

    Simon makes digital toys and writes guides on web development. He’s a senior web dev and evangelist for HERE in Berlin.

  • Picture of Nico Hagenburger

    Nico Hagenburger Styleguide Driven Development

    How to combine traditional style guides and experiences made in developing websites to living style guides and the concept of style guide driven design.

    Nico loves to combine design and development. He has designed, developed and planned frontends for a lot of web start-ups like Qype, Moviepilot, DailyDeal or MyVideo and created the spriting engine which is part of Compass now.

  • Picture of Raphael Salvadore, Philippe Brule

    Raphael Salvadore, Philippe Brule Common sense in Design

    How do you know if your product is over designed? This talk will discuss the core concepts of common sense in design usability.