Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #35 Tue, Apr 09

At our April meetup, we had talks by Emma Rose Metcalfe, Tom O’Doherty and John Sebastian Hussey.

  • Picture of Emma Rose Metcalfe

    Emma Rose Metcalfe Social Objects - the centre of our universe

    Whether it’s photo sharing, loops or tweets, the social object reigns queen of the web. Starting with Jyri Engeström as our centre point I’ll walk through findings from our own development in seeking the balance between accessible and precious design around social objects. How can we design platforms that lower barriers to create objects with long term social value?

    Emma Rose Metcalfe is a designer and co-founder of HowDo, a mobile platform where people capture, collect and share micro guides about the world around them. She heads up the product team and has a background in service and experience design.

  • Picture of Tom O’Doherty

    Tom O’Doherty Zombie video

    We all know that video is changing the internet, but we don’t think very often about how the internet is changing video. A short talk about a moving target.

    Tom is a freelance design and video person, originally from Ireland. He’s interested in design minimalism and succinct storytelling. And Japanese noise-rock.

  • Picture of John Sebastian Hussey

    John Sebastian Hussey Web Performance as UX

    The mobile web audience is now huge. Mobile devices accessing the web, typically over a 3G connection, should have a lightening fast experience. This talks focuses on why web performance is more important than ever with some quick and easy ways to make sites faster and lighter.

    Full stack pancake engineer. Enthusiastic creative coder and web developer. Big hair, big ideas.