Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #37 Tue, Jun 11

Don’t miss our June meetup with talks by Karolina Szczur (@fox), Cath Richardson (@ohrworm) and Natalia Berdys (@batalia).

  • Picture of Karolina Szczur

    Karolina Szczur Designing with Color

    “There’s more to color than a swatch in a book” – a wise man said once. Color is one of the most powerful, emotion evoking weapon in designer’s toolbelt, yet sometimes we fail to recognize its importance. From perception, psychological and cultural meaning of color to systems, optical illusions, usability restraints and useful tools.

    Karolina is a designer and front-end developer. She worked with numerous startups, curated a lesson at Hack Design course and helps out as an editor at Smashing Mag.

  • Picture of Cath Richardson

    Cath Richardson Embracing the mundane

    Sometimes to make something amazing, you have to start with something boring. This talk is about embracing the mundane problems which surround us everyday. Thermostats, workflows, print infrastructure – we’ll look at how fundamentally dull, pedestrian things can turn into the most fascinating and rewarding design challenges.

    A reformed Londoner, Cath moved to Berlin this year after 2 years working in service design and customer development at Made by Many. She now leads product at ezeep, a company changing the way the world prints.

  • Picture of Natalia Berdys

    Natalia Berdys The web experience in the autistic spectrum

    Designing with cognitively-impaired users in mind can be very illuminative, leading to a broader understanding of the role of UX/UI design in general. In her talk, Natalia will focus on Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism, the perceptual issues involved for such web audience, and how their web experience can be the most sensitive test of good design.

    Natalia Berdys develops iOS apps, plays a lot of video games and gets high on information. She’s obsessively interested in language, numbers and hardware. Pinkish hair, oddball ideas.