Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #39 Tue, Sep 10

September is a very exciting time for the Berlin web community: With events like CSSconf.eu, JSconf EU, NodeCopter, and Reject.js happening, the city will be packed with web designers and frontend developers from all over the world. We are happy to contribute with an awesome up.front lineup!

  • Picture of Leila El-Kayem

    Leila El-Kayem How Technology Enables Greater Storytelling

    Leila loves to tell stories. Stories about journeys, city walks and people she meets. So Leila turned her love of story telling into a way for Brands to tell their story. This talk is about how the best stories start with experiences and how technology can be used to share them.

    Leila is a Creative Director at Razorfish.

  • Picture of Tiffany Conroy

    Tiffany Conroy DOM? What about the CSSOM?

    Have you read the crazy stuff in the CSSOM spec!? There is some super interesting stuff in there. Come over here and let Tiffany show you some pretty neat things she learned, and some fun things she made.

    Tiffany is a Canadian living in Berlin doing front-end development and interaction design at SoundCloud.

  • Picture of Valentina Montagna

    Valentina Montagna Designing for Ephemeral Technology

    What happens when innovation in technology is faster than your ability to learn new skills? What happens to the design process in a world of planned obsolescence? This talk will help you to slow down things (a bit) and see them from another perspective.

    Valentina is a designer and co-founder of urli.st.

  • Picture of Angelina Fabbro

    Angelina Fabbro Firefox OS: It's coming, it's here.

    Firefox OS is a brand new open mobile platform built with web technology that front end developers are already familiar with. In this talk I will explain the benefits of developing for this platform (even if you don't reside in one of the first launch countries) as well as demonstrate how easy it is to get started from the perspective of a front-end developer. Light live demo to be provided to show the simulator in action.

    Angelina is a programmer based in Vancouver, Canada and works at Mozilla. Angelina has a background in cognitive science, building clever robots and researching what people pay attention to. Her record as a web developer is balanced with modern iOS experience and a keen sense of design. Angelina also both teaches and mentors for the Vancouver chapter of Ladies Learning Code.