Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #41 Tue, Nov 12

Days are getting colder, nights are getting longer and we are just getting started! Don’t miss our November meetup with talks by Jack Wild, Nico Hagenburger and Nasia Makrygianni.

  • Picture of Jack Wild

    Jack Wild How to be a Jack of all trades, and master of some.

    How can singing lessons make you a better graphic designer? What can a project manager teach you about Web Design? How on earth are drama classes relevant to designing great UX? Using practical examples we’ll see how skills we learn doing one thing can be easily manipulated and transferred to other areas. It’s never been easier to go out and try your hand at something new, so why aren’t we all doing it?

    After trying his hand at Journalism, Acting, TV Production, VFX, Concept Development, Graphic Design and Front End Development, Jack somehow ended up as a Digital Designer. He’s currently working with Bacon de Czar here in Berlin.

  • Picture of Nico Hagenburger

    Nico Hagenburger Why You Might Immediately Fall in Love with Sketch

    Sketch is a powerful alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator when it comes to web and especially iOS 7 design. Learn how styles, effects and slice settings speed up your workflow. And know where to stop, as Sketch.app is not perfect yet.

    Nico currently focusses on creating living style guides for big websites as well as designing iOS applications. Working on design and front-ends with Sass, he created Compass Sprites and works on new Sass extensions.

  • Picture of Nasia Makrygianni

    Nasia Makrygianni Design and Develop Performance

    We all know that size and time matters. We live in a world where everything and everyone is moving fast. We always surf a site or open an app, seeking information while on the road, at work or in our free time. Millions are lost from sales which didn’t happen because of half a second delay. Being part of the IT community that delivers such an experience to people might be stressing. Is this a one person’s job? Let’s not drown in a sea of technical details and talk about how united forces of frontend developers and web designers can make good performance happen. Nasia will share with you her experience from improving KaufDA’s loading times.

    Nasia is a front-end developer at Kaufda - Bonial International Group who thinks out of the box and appreciates clean, reusable code. She loves cartoons and can’t wait to put them into action on browsers.