Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #42 Tue, Dec 10

2013 flew by quickly, didn’t it? It’s already the last up.front.ug of the year! Don’t miss our December meetup with talks by Regine Heidorn, Frank Leue and Michael Pieracci, and join us for a cozy pre-holidays get-together afterwards.

  • Picture of Regine Heidorn

    Regine Heidorn CSS – Best Practices and Maintainability

    While working with precompilers and CSS frameworks one often gets to reflect about the necessity of programming language features within CSS. Looking at the CSS basics like cascade and inheritance helps to get a better understanding of writing good cascading stylesheets. We can see some artifacts remaining from the print era, but we can also put a spotlight on how great CSS can be used. Regine will discuss the following thesis: Everything that helps the browser to interpret CSS in a performant way also helps developers to write better, more maintainable code and facilitates a smoother workflow. If you ever were curious as to why the :hover in CSS works this talk will be perfect for you.

    Passionate frontend developer, author of CSS – Best Practices und Wartbarkeit (German only). Will bring some copies.

  • Picture of Frank Leue

    Frank Leue Building shapeshifting interfaces

    Building things on the web is great. Especially just now as responsive design solved lots of our problems. But taking a glimpse at the near future you’ll see not only desktops, tablets and phones. There will be watches and super large TV sets. Interaction with those devices will not necessarily include your fingertips anymore but very likely gestures and voice control. While the emerging internet of things is going to surround us with connected devices constantly providing or collecting data, we need to think about how to build consistent experiences throughout the day. This talk is about how to build frontends that adopt to contexts and provide consistent information and a continuity of your brand across devices.

    Frank is a Berlin-based web enthusiast. Crafting code for frontends and backends has been his passion since 1997. Working on the web provides him endless opportunities to express creativity, and put some bright moments in other peoples’ life. He’s currently Technical Director at Hi-ReS! Berlin.

  • Picture of Michael Pieracci

    Michael Pieracci A Presentation About Presenting

    Throughout his life Michael has always struggled to explain his work and hobbies in clear and concise ways. "You work where?" "What does your company do?" "You like 'tea'?" One of his favorite ways to deliver detailed, complete, and clear information is through presenting. By creating a presentation he can deliver information in a tailored way for the topic and the audience. Michael encourages others to find their niche and develop their voice through presenting too.

    Michael Pieracci lived in San Francisco for the last 8 years doing project and event management at FontShop. He recently moved to Berlin and is on the hunt for new opportunities.