Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #44 Tue, Feb 11

Our February meetup featured talks by Vitaly Friedman, Martin Petersen, Jose Salguero, and Nico Hagenburger.

  • Picture of Vitaly FriedmanMartin Petersen:

    Vitaly FriedmanMartin Petersen: Vitaly Friedman: Real-Life Responsive Web DesignMartin Petersen: Self-publishing in post-digital times

    Responsive Web Design challenges web designers to adapt a new mindset to their design processes as well as techniques they are using in design and code. This talk provides an overview of various practical techniques, tips and tricks from real-life projects and discusses front-end techniques, maintenance issues and performance considerations for lightweight responsive design.

    Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. From Minsk in Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany, discovered the passage a passion for typography, writing and design. After working as a freelance designer and developer for 6 years, he co-founded Smashing Magazine, a leading online magazine dedicated to design and web development. Vitaly is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing books. He currently works as editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine in the lovely city of Freiburg, Germany.

  • Picture of Jose Antonio Salguero

    Jose Antonio Salguero Listen to Your Users

    Development give us best practices to create our products, patterns on how to develop, but not what features to make, what is important for the user. We must find a way to let users drive us to create a better product for them using all the data we can gather through tracking and A/B testing.

    Jose Antonio is a software engineer with 10 years of experience, originally from Spain now living in Berlin. He’s passionate about technology, travels, music and too many random things to be able to focus on any.

  • Picture of Nico Hagenburger

    Nico Hagenburger Powerful Living Style Guides with Sass

    Create impressive front-end style guides with Sass, Compass, and the LivingStyleGuide gem and learn how to write and document your code for maintainability.

    Nico currently focusses on creating living style guides for big websites as well as designing iOS applications. Working on design and front-ends with Sass, he created Compass Sprites and works on new Sass extensions.