Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #45 Tue, Mar 11

At our March meetup we’ll have talks by Jeanny Wang, Jennifer Geacone-Cruz and Bastian Albers.

  • Picture of Jeanny Wang

    Jeanny Wang Design for uncertainty

    In today’s increasingly demanding, connected marketplace with ever-changing technological possibilities, uncertainty is no longer an exception, but a norm. Whereas build first, fail fast and often is the name of the game, this talk proposes and asks whether it’s possible to apply a fail forward approach using human-centric, collaborative methods of inclusion to connect with, rather than confront, uncertainty in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

    Jeanny Wang is a seasoned product and service designer, strategist and manager with a decade of experience in the disruptive space spanning across startups, large corporations and creative design industries. These days her interests lie predominantly in looking at ways to bring interdisciplinary teams to work together in solving problems and creating new opportunities in an effective way.

  • Picture of Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

    Jennifer Geacone-Cruz The not-so-Zen art of the Japanese website

    Oceans of text, long load times; Japanese websites are hardly minimal and often not user-friendly. But why are Japanese websites, so, well... Japanese? The answer is very much cultural and only a little bit technical. This talk will provide a foot in the sliding shoji door of the sometimes frustrating, but fascinating world of Japanese websites and frontend.

    Jennifer is a freelance consultant specializing in publishing infrastructure design and all things related to fashion and Japan. After nearly a decade in Tokyo working for Harper's Bazaar Japan and Time Out Tokyo, she relocated to Berlin in 2011. She creates online media outlets, print publications, content strategy and provides regionalization services with a highly editorial approach.

  • Picture of Bastian Albers

    Bastian Albers Responsive Web Applications, Javascript and Media Queries

    Responsive Web Design has been winning the internet. For content heavy sites adding some more CSS wrapped in some media queries works surprisingly well. But in web applications there are some technical challenges you can't (yet) solve with pure CSS. After a quick walkthrough of RWD basics we discuss some possibilities how to keep the design in the CSS and use JS to help only where needed.

    Bastian Albers works as a Frontend/JavaScript/HTML5 app developer.