Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #46 Tue, Apr 08

The countdown is on: On April 8th, support for Windows XP will officially end! Come join us at the 46th up.front meetup and let’s celebrate together.

  • Picture of Loren Baxter

    Loren Baxter Changing Behavior with Design

    Many of the products we make try to impact lives, from health to education, finances to entertainment. How do we help people make great choices or develop new habits? Let's talk about examples, methods, and frameworks for designing products that have a positive impact on people’s behavior.

    Loren Baxter is a freelance UX & UI designer based in San Francisco. He spent the last few years helping to build ReadyForZero.

  • Picture of Lena Reinhard

    Lena Reinhard Confessions of an Alien: Attracting Non-coding People to Your Open Source Project

    Code is usually the core product of an Open Source Project. It is relevant, and coding is amazing. But there can be more than code, and this “more than code” can help you further your project. This talk will show you what you can do besides coding, the cultural setting and steps to attracting and keeping experts in those fields and why it is a crucial question which kind of commits are welcome in your project.

    Lena is a freelance writer and photographer specializing in marketing, project management and communications. She joined the Open Source project Hoodie one year ago and works for various magazines and small companies besides. She’s a traveller, surfer and she likes trees.

  • Picture of Lorenzo Pilia and Jerry Belich

    Lorenzo Pilia and Jerry Belich A Video Game Revolution is Happening… In Your Browser

    Browser games have existed for quite some time. A more recent phenomenon though is the emergence of browser-based game making tools, such as Twine and PuzzleScript, which are allowing people (non-coders in particular) to easily develop and share their creations. In this presentation we’re going to find out why that’s revolutionary (hint: it has to do with diversity) and get to know the Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix, an interactive fiction arcade machine that provides players a tangible artifact from their unique journey through one of its stories.

    Lorenzo Pilia is a graphic designer turned product manager in love with indie games. He’s the A MAZE. / Berlin 2014 festival program manager and organises the bi-monthly Talk & Play meetup. Jerry Belich is the founder of Monkey with a Mustache, a company focused on interactive media, digital storytelling, and invention with devices like the Choosatron interactive fiction machine. He wants people to look up and use their imaginations!