Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #47 Tue, May 13

We are excited to announce our lineup for May, with talks by Burak Son and Allard van Helbergen. Join us and learn about mobile performance and how to boost the workflow in your UX design team.

  • Picture of Burak Son

    Burak Son Performance Matters: Mobile Websites

    Have you ever thought whether users have smooth and fast experience on your mobile website? This talk aims to shed light on the factors that affect bad user experience on mobile web products. It will also guide you through how to get the best out of countless devices and platforms. The talk briefly covers the main practices for performance optimization in front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) as well as generic tips that need to be taken into account.

    Burak is a front-end developer, currently working at Sociomantic Labs in Berlin. He enjoys working on standalone client-side development with different technologies and environments.

  • Picture of Allard van Helbergen

    Allard van Helbergen Design Thinking from the Trenches - Introducing Phased Design Sprints into Scrum

    How can you ensure that you are making informed design decisions and aren’t wasting time on building the wrong thing? How can you maximise the decision making power that UX Design has? For all the jargon flying around regarding Agile Processes, Scrum Methodologies and Lean UX, there is surprisingly little guidance available on what it means to bring Design Thinking and User Centered Design into your daily grind when working on an established app. Building off of existing concepts, Allard proposes tweaking the workflow that UX Designers have in a Scrum team so as to maximise the impact that design has for the product.

    Allard is a UX Designer at Brandwatch, ex-Googler, frontend afficionado and general process geek. As an avid wind-/kite-/snow-/skate-/everythingboarder he loves the rush of adrenaline as well as watching cartoons on Sunday morning with a bowl of cereals.