Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #48 Tue, Jun 10

It is time for our summer edition of up.front! We look forward to talks by Martin Klepsch and Mike LaVigne.

  • Picture of Martin Klepsch

    Martin Klepsch CSS, Interfaces and What We Can Do About It

    When HTML was first formulated it was strongly influenced by a documentation format used at CERN. It then often contained information about the visual appearance of documents which “cluttered” the source with secondary information not relevant to the document’s content. Soon thereafter CSS was drafted to separate these two concerns. Today the web has evolved and it’s no longer just a source for documents but provides rich interfaces to consume and create a wide variety of content. Still, the underlying mechanics to build these interfaces haven’t changed much, and complex, responsive layouts require significant effort and code that is not always easy grasp. Let’s take a look at a different approach and how we might be able to level up our toolset to build complex interfaces for the web.

    Martin enjoys eating, drinking, talking and programming. Currently developing a deep love for Clojure.

  • Picture of Mike LaVigne

    Mike LaVigne Anti-segment Approach to Product Development

    When is not segmenting your audience the right thing to do? Mike will talk about the research that lead to an unconventional decision to ignore segmentations when creating an app for women. Clue is an app used by women to track their monthly cycles.

    Mike LaVigne is currently product manager for Clue and formerly a creative director and strategist at Frog Design and Fjord.