Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #49 Tue, Jul 08

Upfront time! We’re delighted to welcome two wonderful speakers to our short-but-brilliant pre-semifinals up.front, which, refreshingly, won’t be football-themed. Join us for two great talks, cool drinks and general milling around and chatting with interesting people. And if you’re in a footbally mood: we’ll wrap up in time for you to commute to your favourite bar / public square / Späti / Ländereck / Dönerbude in time for kick off.

  • Picture of Spiros Martzoukos

    Spiros Martzoukos Lessons from the FontShop site relaunch

    After having worked for months on the Front End part of the new FontShop site relaunch, Spiros has learnt a lot of lessons, solved many problems and created others. He will share how the team used BEM and never looked back at tangled styles and specificity issues, integrated OOCSS and a living style guide in the process, used Angular to quickly set up complex applications within the site and what challenges they faced with Sass loading times.

    Spiros comes from Greece, is half Japanese and works in a German agency, Edenspiekermann, as a Front End Developer. His code is as schizophrenic as that.

  • Picture of Danielle Reid

    Danielle Reid Design and the Future Interface

    As technology moves increasingly from the desktop to the pocket - or wrist, interface design must be reimagined. This talk will discuss how we design information for future interfaces and the role that different mediums can play in both creating and consuming content as we’re on the go.

    Danielle is a former art director turned entrepreneur, co-founding Capsule.fm and Sterio.me. Both Capsule.fm and Sterio.fm offer new opportunities to design interfaces in the realm of audio technology.