Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #50 Tue, Sep 09

Celebrating our 50th meetup: Join us for up.front.ug on September 9th at co.up! It’s official: we’re old! 50 years of up.front! Well, nearly. After more than four years and about 100 different speakers from all over the world and what feels like most of Berlin’s tech scene, we now reconvene for a celebratory recap with some of our veteran speakers, one from each of the past three years. So please join us on Tuesday, the 9th of September, for the 50th edition of our humble little meetup. We’re happy to welcome Emma, Tim and Tiffany as our anniversary speakers:

  • Picture of The up.front Team

    The up.front Team A Look Back at 4 Years of Up.front

    Charts! Maps! Numbers! Deep analytical insights into meetup demographics! Awards! And… er… ah! Historical photographs of the earliest recorded up.front meetups. They’re practically cave paintings. Ok, daguerrotypes. Also: Brownies! Prosecco! Balloons! And we totally didn’t open that Prosecco yet, we promise.

    The up.front team is a band of fearless red pandas, roaming the skies in their solar-powered meetup airship, delivering frontend fun to all sorts of tiny little islands. I may be mixing things up with TaleSpin, though.

  • Picture of Tiffany Conroy

    Tiffany Conroy Lions and Tigers and Handling User Capabilities

    Many applications restrict access to some features for some users for various reasons. For example: Only premium users get access to extra features. Only supervisors can edit product categories. I went on a hunt to gather patterns and techniques for handling the logic around user capabilities in client-side apps. Join me on a safari through the approaches, and I’ll tell you what I have learned.

    Tiffany is a Canadian living in Berlin doing front-end development and interaction design at SoundCloud. She created @weareallawesome and is a JSConfEu co-curator.

  • Picture of Tim Lucas

    Tim Lucas Let’s All Be Beginners Again

    It’s not often you’re afforded a view of your profession from the eyes of a beginner. After having recently taught an introductory course to web design and programming, Tim will share, reflect and discuss on some of the surprises and challenges that his students faced during their first foray into web development.

    Tim is a product designer and programmer from Melbourne, Australia. After leaving Berlin he co-founded @cssconfau, recently joined @buildbox, was a UI programmer at Amen, and is returning to up.front after 3 years whilst in town for jsfest.berlin.

  • Picture of Emma Rose Metcalfe

    Emma Rose Metcalfe Erfahrung, Erlebnis & Universe time.

    From prototyping to opera singers, I’ve collected up my favourite things from the depths of Experience Design and the Experience Economy. We’ll rattle through some reasons why designing meaningful experiences with care and courage matters to all of us in a hyper social digital – wow, there’s a fainting goat – world.

    Emma Rose Metcalfe is an Experience designer and researcher. She used to head the product team at How.Do, which she also co-founded.