Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #51 Tue, Oct 14

Join us on Tuesday, October 14th for talks by Jana, Johannes and Lu!

  • Picture of Johannes Ippen

    Johannes Ippen Breaking the Web

    Popups, Flash Intros, Preloaders – when websites start to get annoying, they will break the user experience. But why are we making the same mistakes over and over again? Johannes Ippen tries to figure that out in his talk about Mark Twain, chairs and User Centric Design.

    Johannes Ippen is a designer and author from Berlin. With his team, he is responsible for the brand and marketing design at the game developer Wooga. In his spare time, he does fun stuff at thxalot.co.

  • Picture of Lu Nelson

    Lu Nelson Advanced Sass with Maps

    In this nerdy opinionated talk, Lu Nelson will look at the power of using ’maps’ in advanced Sass CSS. Maps are Sass’ version of hashes/objects/dictionaries, which since their introduction in late 2013 have offered new ways to dynamically drive complex CSS. Lu’s talk will look at the workings of ’maps’ in Sass and examples—drawn from his personal projects and experiments—of [what he considers to be] their most powerful features. It will show how the dynamic nature of Sass ’maps’ manages challenges such as modular and responsive layout and typography, complex css transitions, and more. The talk will also touch on performance and tooling with a look at ruby-sass vs. libsass, polyfilling maps in libsass, building with gulp.js and browser-sync, and other stuff.

    Lu Nelson is a Berlin-based designer/developer who likes to make CSS work the way he thinks it should work.

  • Picture of Jana Ahrens

    Jana Ahrens Fashion and Tech: Emotion meets Optimization

    Fashion and tech, tech and fashion. Both industries eye each other with lots of curiosity. Lately they start to mingle. Sometimes cautiously and sometimes full-steam ahead with the power of VC-backed startups. But what does that mean for users, customers, programmers and designers? In which ways can we learn from each other? What is the current status and what needs to be done? Jana will share her insights from working in fashion and the web for many years, and shine a light on the status quo as well as on upcoming trends and future developments.

    Jana is a trained fashion designer who lately turned to writing about all things fashion. She is not so much interested in beautiful things but in the beauty of their context.