Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #52 Tue, Nov 11

Up.front 52 is coming up! Join us on Tuesday, November 11th to talk all things web, design and front end.

  • Picture of Mariusz Ciesla

    Mariusz Ciesla Making animations make sense

    Judging by the number of animated GIFs on Dribbble, we can probably all tell that fancy animations and transitions are all the rage in interaction design. How do we make sure they add to the experience, rather than being a fancy distraction, though?

    Mariusz is a designer, developer and co-founder of Lifetramp.com. He’s a big fan of both animations and good user experience, which led him to running a Gibbon playlist about designing meaningful UI animations. Really bad at maintaining balance on a skateboard.

  • Picture of Bastian Albers

    Bastian Albers Why Gestures Suck in HTML5 (and why not so much anymore)

    We are used to fancy touch interfaces of native apps by now. You can do a lot if not almost all of that gesture goodness in the browser as well, but it's a kind of screwed up competition. "the browser" is a million things. Let me walk you through some technical basics and ideas of what you can do and how. And how to always have a fallback, as we're still building for the web.

    Bastian is a web developer and consultant from Berlin and often found teaching workshops at OpenTechSchool.