Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #55 Tue, Mar 10

Wow, it’s March already. We have of course an up.front meetup planned! We happily announce two amzing talks for the next second Tuesday, March 10th!

After our amazing and well attended meetup in February, where Johan Dettmar’s talk “Creativity How?” inspired us all, this month it is Virginie Caplet’s turn to tell us about another aspect of the matter that affects us all time and again: Creativity blocks. Danila reminds us of an old but proven mind-set for better learning. And as a last-minute surprise guest, Ben Schwarz will tell us about performance metrics.
Last but not least: Kristina is back from San Francisco and we would love celebrate this together. So tell all your colleagues and friends and join us!

  • Picture of Vi Caplet

    Vi Caplet Moving the creativity blocks

    Creativity had become a must-have quality in most jobs nowadays. However we sometimes witness we are unable to put ideas and solutions into action. This is what we call creativity blocks. Let’s learn to identify the blocking situations as early as possible in order to finally kick their asses.

    Vi is a product designer @Babbel. She nourishes an obsession for problem solving, brain hacking, panda hugging and cookies baking.

  • Picture of Danila Pellicani

    Danila Pellicani Learn to code - The punk rock way!

    Learning is always hard work, learn to code is even harder, especially if you want to do it on your own. We’ll stage dive on the punk rock culture to understand how the DIY attitude can help you learning and can give you the freedom to do whatever you want!

    Danila is an Interaction Designer, occasional coder and open source design advocate. When she’s not in front of a screen she’s probably stage diving at a punk rock show!

  • Picture of Ben Schwarz

    Ben Schwarz Useful Performance Metrics

    Building a super-performant front-end is far harder and more intensive than making onLoad or onDomReady happen quicker — After you’ve removed “blocking scripts”, what do you do? In this talk Ben will show you how to put best practice tools to work for you & your team.

    Ben is a Melbourne based web developer, speaker and event organiser. He’s a director of CSSConfAU, works on CalibreApp and spends the rest his time cycling and drinking unsettling amounts of booze and coffee.