Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #56 Tue, Apr 14

Is it spring yet? Is it spring yet? It doesn't look to good at the moment, so we're busy preparing some ace indoor infotainment: up.front 56 is, ehm, up! We have three excellent talks for you, and we're very much looking forward to seeing you at our April meetup.

  • Picture of Łukasz Klis

    Łukasz Klis To BEM, Or Not To BEM

    In this talk, Łukasz will explain what the BEM methodology is, why is it worth using it, how you should use it and what you should avoid, based on a case study of refactoring front-end code at Wimdu.

    Łukasz is a Berlin-based front-end developer, currently working at Wimdu. In his spare time he eats burgers and organises Make Things in Berlin and the meet.js meetup in Gdańsk, Poland.

  • Picture of Emanuel Jochum

    Emanuel Jochum Brand Holism: How A Brand Becomes A Living Organism

    We live in a dynamic and highly digitalized world. The development in culture, technology and economy leads to new forms of how we connect with each other, how we communicate and how we use products and services. What does this increasing flexibility mean for a brand? Why must a brand not fight against change, but needs to be an active part of it? How does a brand become a living organism?

    Emanuel is an Austrian cosmopolitan and communication designer based in Berlin. He is passionate about holistic branding, social entrepreneurship, wonderful beaches and Mexican food. Currently he helps impact-driven start-ups and small businesses to shape their vision and identity, and does research on strategic brand leadership from a design perspective.

  • Picture of Anika Lindtner

    Anika Lindtner Getting More Women In Open Source

    This talk is a bit of a magic trick. It will solve a problem that seems pretty unsolvable right now: Getting more women in tech. We’ve all heard of more and more women leaving the tech industry. What’s happening? How did we get here? What can we do?
    Anika will tell you a true story about 33 women from all over the world: directors, photographers, PR manager, linguists and many more that wrote Open Source code for 3 months. It’s a story about role models, community - and cat gifs. With the women focussed scholarship program Rails Girls Summer of Code we are writing history in Open Source and she will tell you how it’s done. How to raise $80k, how to build a community based project, that will keep on going and how to change 33 lives.
    With this talk we will go on a short adventure in the tech jungle and see what we can achieve as a community and where we are failing. How we can get more women in Open Source, instead of losing them.
    And why the f*ck we should care.

    Anika Lindtner was born and raised in Berlin. Since July 2013 she works at Travis CI and runs the Travis Foundation, aiming to make Open Source even better. She manages Rails Girls Summer of Code - a three months scholarship program in Open Source - and helps over 30 women each year to change their lives.
    Anika once was a poetry slam artist, a teacher and worked at an ad agency. She can also draw monsters, knit hats with pom poms and likes urban gardening.