Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #59 Tue, Jul 14

Up.front 59 is coming up – join us on July 14th for the last meetup before the summer break! We’ll keep it short and sweet with only two talks, so there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy the weather with some drinks and discussions afterwards. But be prepared for some serious thought food brought to you by Lukas Rieder who will introduce you to visualisations and D3, and Gilberto Urutea who's going to explore complex systems.

  • Picture of Gilberto Urueta

    Gilberto Urueta Dealing with Complexity

    We all have experienced these: Long hours of planning and forecasting that don’t lead to results, clients changing their mind from one day to another, decisions taken that seemed illogical. How can we explain all of that? In Gilberto’s talk we will learn about complex systems in order to understand the reason behind these situations. The talk will explore why learning more about complex system can be useful in your every day work.

    Gilberto is a Berlin-based Scrum Master and Developer. He is passionate about Agile, Lean, Scrum and most of all complexity.

  • Picture of Lukas Rieder

    Lukas Rieder Object Constancy In Visualisations

    Visualisations are the backbone of data driven story telling. In between the many ways to represent data nowadays, lies one fundamental principle of our perception to make visualisations comprehensible. The talk aims to dive into the idea behind object constancy and shows how D3.js can help you achieve this goal. Even if you are new to D3, this talk will have you covered.

    Lukas is passionate about programming, he usually writes applications for server backends in Ruby, and occasionally resorts to Javascript.