Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #62 Tue, Nov 10

Our November meetup is coming up – Come join us to hear about component-oriented UX, the role of QA in product development, and how comics and web design go together.

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    Benjamin Kampmann Component-Oriented UX For The Win… But How?

    Understanding UI as reusable components and building it in a modular way are the new black in web development. But how exactly do you apply these latest technologies while still allowing overall themes and customization as we are used to? In this case study, we will look under the hood of beavy to understand how it uses CSS Modules and React to marry having highly complex, reusable UI-components and ensuring they can be completely customized at the same time. And what that means for the overall design process.

    Benjamin is the lead coach of the Hackership code learning retreat. In his primary line of business Benjamin Kampmann is a freelance software developer and architect building (open source) web platforms.

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    Vuk Trifkovic QA for the Rest of Us

    Quality Assurance tends to be either ignored or considered to be someone else’s job – this is what Vuk experienced and believed himself until he walked into a small startup where product quality was highly important and with no one else there to take care of it. In his talk Vuk will shed light on his experience as a product person taking lead on QA. He will highlight the importance of QA in creating products and share a few tips on how to approach the issue. The talk aims to enable designers, front-end developers and product managers to understand better what QA entails, and provide useful techniques they could apply in their own projects to deliver more satisfying experiences.

    Vuk leads product management and front-end development at Vimcar, a Berlin-based connected car company. Vuk joined his first startup back in 2002, while finishing his graduate research in GIS in Archaeology. Since then he has been working on a property search engine, a loyalty programme and content management for heritage sector.

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    Ariel Cotton Interdisciplinary Design

    In addition to being a UI/UX designer and developer, Ariel is also an interactive artist and maker, and she draws and writes comics. Not seeing these as separate media, she integrates them in interdisciplinary ways. For instance, Ariel has made webcomics that are navigable through interfaces made from physical objects such as books and dolls, and illustrations that produce computer graphics and sounds when touched. In her talk she will review key points in her approach to interdisciplinary design, show some of her work, and discuss the tools she uses.

    Ariel Cotton is an artist and designer from New York City who is currently living in Berlin.