Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #64 Tue, Feb 09

A late Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2016, and about time we kick off another year of up.front events. This meetup will be all about improving our work and work enviroments with great talks about prototyping, changing workspaces, and storytelling in branding.

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    Victoria Leontieva The Designer’s Guide to the Prototyping Galaxy

    In her talk Victoria will go through the current state of prototyping tools. She will outline the difference between rapid prototyping and interaction design tools, as well as pinpoint and demo best practices for both.

    Originally from Ukraine, Victoria lives and works as a Product Designer in Berlin, Germany. She is a big fan of rapid prototyping and an advocate for emotional intelligence in design.

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    Robert Stulle Brave New Workspace

    Everything is changing: Our work is changing and the way we work is changing. But how about our organizations, our idea of leadership and the physical and cultural conditions at our workspace? The requirements are changing fast and I want to share what I have learned as a partner at Edenspiekermann and what I find useful, desirable and necessary to survive as a team.

    Robert Stulle is a partner and co-owner at Edenspiekermann in Berlin. He has two decades of professional experience as a designer and consultant and is am the head of Digital Products and Services at Edenspiekermann.

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    Nadine Bruder Great Branding Is Storytelling

    Two things that Nadine regularly encounters in her work: a lot of people presume that branding is all about the visual identity of a company, and that people strongly underestimate the impact of stories. But in a digital age both, branding and storytelling are crucial for companies to connect with their audiences. In her talk Nadine will share her experiences and insights into strategic branding and storytelling, explain how both are linked and how to create true, meaningful connections between a brand and its audiences.

    Nadine is a brand and digital business strategist consulting lifestyle and technology companies on branding, UX, storytelling, marketing and product strategy. She is drawn to people and places that value good design, useful innovation and meaningful connections.