Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #66 Tue, Apr 12

It’s April! And as the German saying goes, April does whatever it wants. We, on the other hand, will do exactly what you expect us to do, which is organising our 66th meetup. This time we will hear talks about intercultural apsects of interface design and a thing called DesignOps. Very interesting!

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    Fabian Fabian What is DesignOps?

    "DesignOps connects design goals with engineering requirements by providing culture, conventions and tools"

    Well, there a are probably a million other insufficient ways to express its scope in tweet-length, but more importantly: DesignOps a thing now and we need your help to shape it and define it!

    In his talk, Fabian will share the why of DesignOps, where the term is coming from and where the whole idea could go. Maybe he can even get you excited to join the expedition.

    Fabian is an UX/Ix/UI Designer and Developer at Jimdo. He co-founded and developed things like the Agile Design Camp, the UX Camp Hamburg and Github from Scratch. He likes to do sketchnotes and is currently developing his first workshop.

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    Stefanie Kegel Intercultural Aspects of Interface Design

    Today it's very common for companies to design global websites and applications. This means people with many different cultural backgrounds will use your product. How can we as designers & consultants take care of people's needs & goals and business goals when creating something for a global, cultural diverse audience like e.g. China and the US ? What do we need to consider if we do not have the resources to do a detailed user research for all the cultural diverse user groups? We will take a look at Hofstede's theory about cultural dimensions which could be applied to elements in User Interface Design and which can serve as a starting point and a rough guideline when we design for people with very different cultural backgrounds.

    Stefanie is the co-founder of "The Geekettez", a small design studio with a focus on user experience consulting and interaction design. She has graduated in interactive media design and currently studies Psychology on a part time basis because of her interest in human behaviour, motivations, and social psychology.