Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #69 Tue, Sep 13

We’re back from our vacation break! Summer’s leaving us, but we have a season of exciting talks ahead.

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    Dafna Sharabi Designers in the Lab

    Designers in the Lab is the story of a team of designers from the Wix studio, who embark on an adventure in the unknown territory of trend prediction. In this talk Dafna will explain how designers view the world, how this view effects their approach to research methods and trend prediction, and how adapting work methods from different industries can help you inspire the future of our own.

    Dafna is currently residing in Berlin, working from the local Wix Office. Previous to that she has led the Design Dev team and worked in various positions in the Wix Studio for 6 years, creating and establishing work methods.

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    Alper Çugun Prototyping the Conversation

    Alper will talk about how he prototyped a conversational interface for adolescent mental health, using off the shelf front-end technologies. He’ll present the reasons why they did this, look at the technology used, and discuss other issues with creating a chat application.

    Alper Cugun is a design strategist and software engineer based in Berlin. For the past five years he was partner at Dutch-German design studio Hubbub. Alper was active in the Amsterdam startup scene, led a data visualization agency and helped found the Open State Foundation, a Dutch open government institution.

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    Kristina Walcker-Mayer Mobile Trends

    It’s the year 2016 and Mobile is here to stay. What is the future of mobile in e-commerce? Kristina, Zalando’s Product Manager for Mobile Apps, will showcase the latest mobile trends from both a design & business perspective and provide concrete examples of Zalando’s approach.

    Kristina works as Product Manager for Mobile Apps at Zalando Technology, where she focuses on innovation and strategy in the mobile app space. Besides working on the product site, her passion for driving the mobile mindset within Zalando’s various departments makes her a true Mobile First evangelist. Kristina looks back at 6 years of mobile experience and has developed mobile strategies and solutions for major clients in the retail, television, NGO and automotive industries.