Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #70 Tue, Oct 11

Seventy editions of up.front not only mean a lot of new friendships but also a lot of new lessons learned.

In that spirit we invited four inspiring speakers to share with us what they learned from doing what they do: From running an agency to applying lean methodologies in side projects to very practical things like building a big CSS framework.
Our 70th edition is dedicated to the doers, their failures, and their successes.

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    Harry Keller Things Never Turn Out The Way You Expect

    Almost a year ago Harry and three friends decided to found a new digital product and branding studio, called diesdas.digital. They thought they had it all figured out, but then everything turned out quite differently. Nevertheless (or because of that) it’s been going rather well and Harry will share a couple of early findings, which should be relevant for pretty much everyone working in digital.

    Harry Keller co-founded diesdas.digital, a new branding and product development studio here in Berlin. He loves programming, but lately finds himself writing mostly blog posts and emails. Previously he built digital products and services at 11 Freunde, Edenspiekermann and A Color Bright.

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    Mischa König Visualizing WhatsApp Chats

    In this talk Mischa will show how to use Lean Startup principles to verify concepts for side projects on the example of a web application which enables users to visualize their WhatsApp chats. While exporting chats is easy, WhatsApp makes it hard to convert the data into a standardized structured format. We will go through some technical issues and solutions implemented in the process of creating Chatvisualizer. Finally we’ll look at the challenges involved in the visual treatment of highly dynamic data such as chats and some ways to deal with them.

    Mischa is a freelance interaction designer and frontend developer educated at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. When not working with clients, he is looking for technical and visual inspiration to built digital concepts upon – especially in the fields of social media and digital journalism.

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    Noa Tamir A Trillion Levels Played: Improving Player Experience

    Combining design and data is very important at King. Noa will tell you how King uses quantitative user research to learn about player experience and make games more fun.

    Noa Tamir is a Senior Data Scientist working on live games and games in development phases. Her role at King is to break down technical and conceptual complexities in order to improve the player experience of the world’s largest player network. She likes data modelling, automating and significant results.

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    Charlie Owen Lessons Learned From Building Your Own CSS Framework

    In her talk, Charlie will let you know about some of the challenges associated with building your own CSS framework. What’s the best way to approach it and how can you keep it relevant? If you’re interested in writing your own personal or in-house framework, this could be the talk for to you!

    Charlie is a frontend web developer, specialising in large-scale CSS/Sass, and currently living and working in Berlin. After spending several years contracting for suits in London’s City and working for BBC News, she tasted her first Club Mate on a visit to Berlin and immediately made the move there.