Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #73 Tue, Mar 14

While we did ponder doing a meetup on whittling your own canoe or coordinating the selling of your belongings and your subsequent escape to a place where it doesn’t constantly rain, we did come around in the end and focused on the task at hand.

In the words of Stanley Kubrick: "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light", and that’s especially true during the end of winter in Berlin. So, please join us in welcoming our luminous luminaries, our illuminatingly bright speakers who will, and please excuse us if we’re belabouring this theme, enlighten you with new knowledge from all corners of the design and tech scenes:

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    Vuk Trifkovic Screenshots, Sticky Dots and Sketches: Compressed Design Sprints

    In this talk Vuk will share his experience with a "shortened" version of the Design Sprint. Despite its increasingly high profile, it is not always possible to run a "by the book" version of the Design Sprint. To get around this obstacle, Vuk would like to share some of his experience of running compressed versions of Design Sprints - to gather critical insight from the team, build consensus and avoid the HiPPO anti-pattern.

    Vuk is Product Management Lead at BCG Digital Ventures. Vuk joined his first startup back in 2002, while finishing his graduate research in GIS in Archaeology. Since then he has been working in London and Berlin on the connected car app Vimcar, Rocket Internet’s real estate marketplace Lamudi, property search engine Nestoria and loyalty platform Bonusbox.

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    Christine Lariviere Nostalgia in the Age of Social Media: Identity as Artifact

    Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, which may be expressed through certain consumerist behaviours: the collection and accumulation of memorabilia. In her talk, Christine asks: how do we satisfy our nostalgic impulses in the ephemeral digital age?

    Christine is a social media strategist with a data-driven approach. She focuses on community building and engagement, while also leveraging social media for lead generation.

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    Marie LeBlanc Flanagan Solving problems with play

    Can play be used to explore problems? In this short and probably overly personal talk, Marie will share their process for creating strange and playful experiences with interactive media.

    Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan moved to Berlin to make experimental games and experiences. In the past year she has made “Auscult”, an experience which turns your feelings into music; “Other Hands” a VR experience expressing the permanence of your virtual choices on your physical body; “Closer” a computer vision game that uses two people’s moving bodies as a shared single controller; and “TexTiles”, an award-winning game at the Wikimedia Free Knowledge Game Jam. Marie also runs Weird Canada.