Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #77 Tue, Sep 12

Summer break is coming to an end and meetup season is about to kick off yet again! So mark your calendars for Up.front #77 on September 12, invite your friends and prepare for an awesome frontend gathering featuring three fantastic talks at our co-working space of choice and kind supporter co.up. We’re so looking forward to being back for this one. Your Up.front organizer team: Kristina, Max, Alex, Katharina

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    Steffen Dietz Team-friendly Frontend Testing

    Visually testing a demanding design for the frontend is really hard - especially when it comes to cross-device, pixel-perfect quality management. We came up with a bunch of tricks and an open source solution to tame the beast for everyone on the team.

    Steffen is working as a lead developer for the berlin-based digital agency Taikonauten. He’s been in the web game for 18 years and he loves automation and optimization. He also randomly twitters complete nonsense.

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    Mims Wright A Designer’s Guide to Thinking like a Programmer

    Mims will explore how coders employ a plethora of interesting tools to solve problems. In his talk he will present 5 fundamental concepts that software developers use on a daily basis and show how you can apply them to make your designs better and your life easier.

    Mims is a freelance software developer from LA living in Berlin with 16+ years of experience creating websites, games and applications.

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    Ivana McConnell Technology, Community, and Code: Building an Inclusive UX

    In this talk, Ivana will describe how we use tech to build our identities and figure out who we are. We need to be aware of our role as developers and designers in shaping identities as we build our products. It’s critical to understand how code creates communities, online and offline, and how those will be experienced by minorities and the underrepresented— does it marginalise them? Does it enable them to be successful? Let’s learn about those responsibilities, how to be aware of them, and how to build better tech in the process.

    Ivana is a UI/UX designer, born in Sarajevo to a civil engineer-turned-translator and a UN Logistics Officer-turned-software engineer. She fell in love with the web on Geocities and Neopets, and is now based in Vancouver working for Customer.io.