Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #78 Tue, Oct 10

Mark your calendars for Up.front #78 on October 10. Invite your friends and prepare for an awesome gathering featuring three fantastic talks about design, development and everything inbetween. As always, at our community space of choice and kind supporter co.up. Doors open 7:30pm, Talks start 8:00 pm. Full schedule to be announced soon.

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    Florian Stolzenhain Code Less – Care Less! With Atomic CSS

    Florian’s talk covers a subjective view on changing frontend practices, their implications on team workflows and how the recent interest in functional CSS can positively impact project maintenance and team communication (whew!). Functio-what? Florian will try to explain these terms. And is it the most glorious of all frontend futures? You’ll find out in the reality check™ closing the talk.

    Florian studied design because he wanted to get away from computers. Now he memorizes Unix command listings. He is a senior frontend dev at Compuccino and co-founder of FUK.

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    Charlie Owen Dear Developer, It Isn’t About You

    Charlie will give us a very brief history of the Weird Wild Web and will take a look at what has made it so successful over the last couple of decades. She’ll outline some of the super easy things that we can do to carry on making it amazing and usable by everybody.

    Charlie came to Berlin to escape the horrors of London, and found herself at home in this beautifully weird city. She rides bikes, drinks beer, and quite often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. She works for Springer Nature, helping to make the world of scientific publishing a better place.

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    Liv Madsen Your Team Primer on Design Systems

    Even though most of us understand that on the web visuals and code are often two sides of one coin, getting a bunch of designers and developers to work in unison on digital products can be surprisingly tricky. Isn’t there something we can lean on for help? Enter: design systems! This talk will provide a basic introduction to design systems and pattern libraries, focusing on how they can help us to bridge the gaps and optimise workflows within digital teams.

    Liv is a senior frontend developer with Edenspiekermann in Berlin. She cares greatly for design (and designers) and the stuff we all put on the web together.