Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #80 Tue, Mar 13

Up.front is back in March for our 80th meetup 🎷: Wohooo! We’re excited to kick off the Up.front meetup season with three meetups coming up in March, April and May. Join us next week for Episode 1 with 2 super exciting talks! And in case you have a talk up your sleeve that will match the current line-up, please get in touch and submit your idea!

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    Charlie Owen A journey in Building and Publishing Static Sites

    In her talk, Charlie will show you her slow journey in building and publishing with static site generators. She will show you the practicalities and pitfalls of making sites using tools such as Jekyll and Hugo. Most importantly of all she’ll show you how easy and fun it can be to get your own static sites out into the wild.

    After contracting as a front-end developer in London, and writing code for the front page of BBC News, Charlie Owen is now happily working as a senior FED for Springer Nature in Berlin. There she helps make the world of scientific publishing a better place by constructing design systems, banging on about inclusive design, and utilising those wonderful web standards. She rides bikes, drinks beer, and quite often says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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    Joshua Söhn Presenting Product Design

    In this talk, Joshua will talk about the what and when of sharing work in a digital design process, how to build a reflecting portfolio of your skills and strengthen the importance of design within tech. Joshua will present the current state of digital product design and how it reflects the technology we are using. The talk also features enough examples to give you inspiration how to build your next strong product design portfolio.

    Joshua is a Design Lead at Kontist, where he works on building an easier banking experience for freelancers in order to automate and reduce bureaucracy. He cares about iterative design, systematic thinking and having an aligned ethical vision.

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    Thomas Lobinger Selling a Design System - 4 Times

    At Amazon Web Services we have a team that creates and maintains a Design System. I will walk you through its long history and explain how our team was successfully growing the scope, impact, and team in the last 4 years. I will tell you what worked and what not and also why. I hope this will help you stay focused on the important things in your own design and frontend adventures.

    Thomas, studied everything from advanced space propulsion systems, math, bionics, quality assurance, economics, all the way to literal sausage making and graduated as an engineer an unknown double-digit number of years later. After realizing that building rockets or sausage factories is less fun than you might think it is, he bootstrapped two startups that were sold; one of them to Amazon in 2012 sparking the Berlin based Amazon Development Center. Thomas had different roles in Amazon in the last 6 years which all have two things in common; creating better customer experiences and automation.