Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #81 Tue, Apr 10

Up.front is back in April for our 81st meetup! Yes, it’ll probably be nice and warm out, but be sure to come by for ~90 minutes of charming nerdery anyway! Summer is long, and there’s only two more up.fronts before we take another break.

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    Mara Ziemann Positive Communication: Designing Online Communication with Positive Psychology

    How do you lead a fulfilled life? What is a good life? What is happiness and how can we enhance it? Positive Psychology is the study of exactly these questions. In this talk we discuss how the insights gained in this field can be transferred to product design and communication.

    Mara works as product manager at DuMont and is a co-founder at Rohpost. She has a background in User Research and Design Thinking and loves to explore new tools to make great products, that have a positive impact on people’s everyday life.

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    Priyanka Naik Accessibility and HTML

    Priyanka will give a quick overview about making a website accessible for all the audience including impaired people and browser. Importance and detail usage of HTML tags. Introduction and usage of ARIA roles. At the end of the session the audience will be able to develop a accessible and structured website.

    Priyanka is a Web Developer at diesdas.digital having 2+ years of experience in front-end development.

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    Iorrah Mota Delightful UXs, paradoxes & baguettes

    At Bunch.ai we’ve recently launched an awesome AI-powered feature that correlates Slack communications & psychological behaviours and in this talk Iorrah will share their learnings on how they used data visualization technologies with JS, HTML and CSS to deliver a mind-blowing experience their users! 🙌

    Iorrah does engineering at Bunch.ai, where his team and him work in the intersection of cultural analysis, machine learning and user experiences. He has been doing frontend development for 4+ years now and currently is diving deep into the React and Node.js world, never losing his sense of appreciation for great CSS & HTML.