Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.
RSVP #83 Tue, Sep 11

The days are getting shorter and the evenings (slightly) colder, so it’s time for the first Upfront meetup of this fall season! 🍁🍂🎃

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    Bastian Gruber Remove Your Ego From Product Development

    In his talk, Bastian will share common obstacles inside a product team. To truly succeed, without burning out along the way, but ideas and product features into focus. Let the features talk instead of you.

    Bastian is a freelance software developer and experienced a lot of pitfalls during the development process and why people get frustrated.

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    Michael Pieracci Communication =/≠/&//+/- Documentation

    Michael would like to share some recent insights about how our tools and ways of working facilitate Communication and/or Documentation. He hopes this might add a new awareness to our day-to-day work in keeping people and projects both peaceful and productive.

    Michael is a Californian living in Berlin since 2013. He has many years experience in project management, most often with small teams with developers and designers. On the side he photographs, travels, drinks tea, and watches Star Trek.

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    Tamara Lopez Breit Establishing the UX Research Practice in a Digital Product Company

    We’ll discuss the evolution of user research within a company, and why becoming user-centric starts from inside. Tamara has been working at GetYourGuide for just over a year. She will share insights into her role, lessons learned and the constant drive within the company to put a human face on the people who use their products. According to the UX maturity level of your company, different changes and levels of expertise are required (that’s why this can last for years.) Addressing company culture is fundamental to success.

    Tamara Lopez Breit works as a UX researcher at GetYourGuide, being the first member of Research Team, she is establishing processes and advocating for research within the company. Previously, she worked as a UX consultant for agencies and startups in Europe and LATAM. She was a lecturer of UX at the university for 2 and a half years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is from.