Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.

Recruiting / Advertising at Up.front

Up.front is a monthly community event, and we regularly attract a crowd of up to 100 frontend designers and developers from Berlin.

If you want to bring your company in front of this amazingly friendly and talented Berlin audience, you can:

1. Buy a sponsored announcement

Starting in 2017, Up.front gives you the opportunity to give a brief presentation advertising relevant job openings or products your company has to offer.

1 minute announcement = EUR 100 minimum donation towards a cause of our choice.
Please contact us beforehand with the details of your announcement.

In 2017, Up.front would like to support these organizations:

Consider donating to an organization of the above list and get in touch with us to discuss your annoucement.

Contact us

2. Give a talk

You are invited to submit a talk to share useful knowledge with the Up.front audience – and as a side effect, present your company, team or product. However, we prefer talks that aim to excite the crowd with your valuable insights and experience and would rather refrain from talks with a mere purpose to sell something.

For talk submission and more information find details here.

Keep in mind: these rules apply for every speaker at Up.front, and this is not a commercial pitch platform.


Are you a not-for-profit, OS or other community-friendly, non-commercial project? We are happy to offer a 1 minute announcement slot for free, to projects that share our values of knowledge-sharing, collaboration and diversity.

Please contact us via Twitter, Meetup.com or mail at least 5 days prior to the event.

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