Up.front is a monthly meetup
for the web design community in Berlin.

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Thanks for considering to submit a talk proposal to up.front, we’re very excited to read it! The process is as simple as this: Fill out the form below to let us know a bit more about you and your talk. If you have questions, we’re there to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact the organizer team directly.

About Up.front

Up.front is a meetup for the web design community in Berlin. We’re motivated by the fact that we have become a place for everybody interested in shaping the web – since 7 years. Up.front has been called the friendliest meetup. We’re a diverse community of designers, developers, coordinators, and everybody contributing to building and improving the web. The aim is to enable a dialogue between and about the creative, the technical and human sides of our field.

We organize two meetup seasons per year. Each meetup holds three to four speaker slots. The lineup is curated by the organizer team.

Upcoming Meetup Dates

Who speaks at Up.front?

Up.front is open to all experience levels and perspectives on our key topics, to experts, all rounders, career switchers or beginners. This perfectly describes our audience as well!


We’re interested in topics that can be described as "in-depth discourse at the intersections of design and web technology". To list just a few: Design theory and methods, user experience, storytelling in products, the web design industry and its culture, typography for the web, HTML, CSS, SVG, illustration and animations for the web, web performance, professional challenges in design teams… we’re sure you’ve got a bunch more.

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Sounds like you found the perfect meetup? We’re very interested in your ideas, whether it’s just an early draft or a polished talk. Get in touch via the form below!
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Good to know

Language: All talks are in English.
Talk Duration: Up.front aims to present short, focused ideas, therefore the talk duration is limited to 15-20 minutes.
Beginner-friendly: We aim to balance accessibility and quality to ideally provide valuable take-aways to all levels of experience, especially when discussing technologies or showing code examples.